Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crying Raincoat

Saturday, May 24, 2008

again Tzara again

the great la-
ment of my
obscurity one

cold whirlpool zigzag of blood
i have no soul cascade with no
friends no talents lord
i don't always receive
my mother's letters
which must pass through Russia
through Norway and through England
memories in red spirals
burn my brain on the rows
of the amphitheatre
and like a luminous advertisement
of my soul, misfortune gushed from
the sphere
tower of light teeming ring
of blue ants
nimbus searing drought of

come close to me so the prayer
won't annoy you it descends in
the earth like diving suits
yet to be invented
then iron obscurity will change
to wine and salt
simplicity lightning rod of our
plants take care
lightning rods that form
a spider
thus i become the crown of an
enormous christ
formless land voltaic arc

snow eagles will come
to feed the rock
where deep clay will become
and the milk will trouble the night the
chains will ring
the rain will make heavy
will form wheels in space
the sceptre in the middle among
old newspapers tapestries
a paralytic
nimbus drought
teeming ring of blue ants
lord golden finger furnace
why strangle it why
after the thunderclap the military
march will burst out
my despair tinny iron tube
but why oh why?
thus thus always but the road
you must be my rain my
obscurity my metal my
circuit my pharmacy weep
no more weep no more
if you wish


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

amours poulpes

belly heap of snakes
little tufted chaos

toca te
they take you by the palms
around the palms
around the waist around
the neck

pink-freckled breasts of flesh-eating swans
bloody foam flecks nacreous beaks

dans l'air une poule énorme
toute nue entraîne des gros
des coléoptères couleur jaune
carapace pourpre aux quatre seins

traceries of coral jelly
blue-eyed daisies

pinces griffent
polypes grimpent


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jindřich Ulrich, Prague's Alchemist of Tiny

The Golem and His Creator

Friday, May 9, 2008

arousal and surprise

Le navire perdu, Alberto Savinio, 1926

pupils widen mouth o
tits nip buds and hop
leaf litter of poems fallen
faded under sun

gilded under belly
morning streaked through
words through clouds unread until
pulled in a second maidenhead
of gut and throat
sung rut and groan

drowning in earth we
less than puppets which
never sleep nor lie
mute eloquence we know not
hands doves fluttering to the door
our waking by the tree
in the dew in the dawn


Friday, May 2, 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Giorgio for Gini

The Song of Love 1913

Return, O my first happiness!
Joy inhabits the strange cities,
A new magic
has descended to earth
City of undreamed dreams,
Constructed by daemons
with such patience,
Faithful to you I will sing!
One day I too will be a
man of stone,
Bridegroom, widower on an Etruscan tomb...
That day,
maternal goddess, hold me tight
In your great embrace, of stone

-- Giorgio de Chirico, Ferrara 1917

The Disquieting Muses 1917

Great Metaphysical Interior 1917