Friday, October 31, 2008

and I still see their faces...

A few samples from an amazing photographic archive of Polish Jewry before the Shoah.

seasonal citation

Bruno Schulz, Infanta and Her Clowns, 1933

"Fall is a great touring show, poetically deceptive, an enormous purple-skinned onion disclosing ever new panoramas under each of its skins. No center can be reached. Behind each wing that is moved and stored away, new and radiant scenes open up, true and alive for a moment, until you realize that they are made of cardboard. All perspectives are painted, and only the smell is authentic, the smell of wilting scenery or theatrical dressing rooms, a pile up of discarded costumes among which you wade endlessly as if through yellow fallen leaves."

Bruno Schulz, "A Second Fall"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

auguries of autumn

some seasonal scenes by the prolific and rather sweet Tor Lundvall

Under the Shadows of Trees #5, 2001

The Secret Place, 2000

October Moon, 2000

November, 1999

Friday, October 17, 2008


Tzara and Picasso at Vallauris, 1950

frère bois
et sœur pierre
les malins
vont au bois
cueillir des pierres

sur les douves
dans les prés
on ne trouve
que regrets


tu ouvres les ailes
pour partir en voyage
tu te moques de nous
à ton âge


tard levé
tôt couché
soleil frileux
parle-moi de Botticelli