Monday, November 12, 2007

A Purring Lion

Yesterday, because I was a lion
I was purring a tune in the jungle
As all the stars began to fall
All together.
And my body was burnt all over
Every time I trod on the moonlight.
And the skin was scraped
From the tip of my nose
And my life was charred with love.
My mane gave itself to the wind
And left me with no idea of where to go --
To the past, to the future, or to death
Nor will my tail and ears ever come back to me.

Today on my way from school
I walked straight through the front of the mirror shop.
That's why I remember nothing but this:
Because I left my tweezers in the jungle,
I will never be able to recover
Anything but the words of my purring.

-- Kazuko Shiraishi

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Katy Slany said...

this is kind of the biggest heart swoon...