Friday, May 22, 2009

"i am a seed in the slippery, silent, blind, breathless dark.
i have no nose or mouth, ears or eyes to see. just a skin
of satin black and a secret green dream deep inside.


Dylan Thomas Hayden said...

welcome back! i haven't been nearly so busy with this as you and gini have with salastia. it's kind of hard when nobody much looks at it. i miss your worms. xoxoxo

Katy Slany said...

oh i look i look!
I love your worms D...they squiddle and curl all around my heart.
always alway siempre

Emma Gini said...

i look too! i do i do! and your worms they flow as the sweetest brook and i drink drink and happy tongue is me. swimming heart loving you Dylan in the lovingness of siempre xxoxx