Saturday, May 30, 2009

When It Blows Its Stacks

Whenever my thoughts turn to my distant native land of Kansas, one of the first and most frequent things that springs to mind is the weather. I don't think most Europeans can even imagine the ferocity of a Kansas summer storm. Tornadoes obliterate entire towns in seconds. The empty plains are a vast arena for the sublime and awful spectacle of the skies. Even J.M.W. Turner might have been at a loss to depict them. Like all true beauty it is also a little terrifying.

Some of these photos are by storm chaser Jim Reed.


Katy Slany said...

woah. like a void of epic curiosity. eeek!!

Emma Gini said...

Serpents of the skies
yes, woah.
like the diaphragmatic suction spiral of a most terrific beast

fleeting monumentality

Dylan Thomas Hayden said...

heheh, youse said it...